The Build


Interactive film presented through the browser. The Build is constructed to allow the viewer to choose their own experience, be that as a passive viewer or actively engaged in choosing the focus and sequence of the film.

Creating this level of flexibility required that the front and back end of the site be able to re-shuffle all of the chapters depending on view order.

Experience The Build

Technical Director (Instrument)

HTML5 Video and Audio, WebGL, JavaScript

Awards / Recognition
FWA Site of the Day

April 2013


In addition to the dynamic content sequencing, the shop and bike tour extras include experimental WebGL based re-focusing and re-lighting, and dynamic ambient audio which breath life into static panoramas, creating a seamless experience that matches the aesthetic of the film.

A custom indexing system was created based on exported per-cut time data from Final Cut Pro in order to track social interaction metrics on a per-shot basis. This data is visualized in the “social graph” displayed when the film is paused.