Real Life Minecraft Block

Based on a small scale projection mapping experiment, I was asked to show an interactive piece at the 2012 XOXO conference “Indie Arcade” event in Portland.

Rather than simply setting up a single block at the event, I modified the game to support two blocks at once, and added an additional projector to cover all visible sides of the blocks.


The white cubes managed to survive the entire event, but one of the foam axes didn’t fare so well. 

broken axe.jpg

The system is built in Processing for all of the game logic and rendering, and the boxes contain piezo elements connected to an Arduino to sense impact (the Arduino communicates the impacts back to the Processing app).

Designer, Developer, Fabricator

Processing, Arduino, Projection Mapping


September 2013

This project, much like the predecessor on which it’s based, caught the attention of quite a few game and tech related websites.