LASER CAT is a cutting-edge Chrome extension for the popular Chrome web browser software.

If you are a user of Chrome web browsing software then you are so lucky because YOU can install LASER CAT into your web browser!



LASER CAT offers the following stunning features and functionalities:

  1. Appears at the click of a button on any web page*
  2. Lifelike head movements will make you think an actual laser cat is on your desk.
  3. LASER BEAMS will fire from the depths of the LASER CAT eyes, obliterating your frustrations and stress.
  4. High fidelity sound effects will surprise your ears and impress your colleagues.


* For reasons that nobody will ever know, LASER CAT does not work on some pages like gmail or the Chrome web store.


STEP 1: Using the Chrome browser, go to this nice simple link.

STEP 2: On the subsequent page, click the Add To Chrome button,  indicated here:


STEP 3: Click the Add Extension button in this very alarming prompt.

STEP 4: See this amazing confirmation dialog!

STEP 5: Reload any open tabs in Chrome on which you wish to use LASER CAT. For reasons that I don't understand, LASER CAT won't work until you reload tabs which were open at the time of LASER CAT installation.

STEP 6: Click the LASER CAT button and enjoy.